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Attaching the IDO3D Vertical Light:

Its easy! Two steps:

  1. Turn light sideways
  2. Push pen into light firmly and twist 1/4 of a turn clockwise


  • Be patient and practice! Learning how to use an art medium takes time!
  • Gradually build up your projects.  Don't try to do too much at once. Lay down a thin line and cure it, then double it, triple it curing as you go to get the desired strength you need.  Same process for welding two pieces together.
  • The curing lights will work, but it does take time.  Nothing matches the curing light of the sun, however. The lights can be used to set the ink up, then put them out in the sun for total curing if desired.
  • If the lights start to become useless, change the batteries.  They will dim after an hour or so and result in longer set up time.
  • Stand the pens up in a cup so they will drain towards the tip when not in use.  Ink will flow out easier, and you can use all of the ink this way.
  • Work in small sections to maintain your detail.  Cure and move on.               
  • Putting a piece of white paper under the plastic mat will increase the light strength.
  • Turning a piece over on the plastic and curing from the underside helps cure as well.
  • Remove sticky residue from hands, carpet, and clothing with hand sanitizer, palm or vegetable oil, or baby wipes.
  • IDO3D meets and exceeds the strictest of global safety standards.
  • IDO3D is non-toxic. If ingested, some might experience diarrhea and/or a stomach ache, as with any substance not meant for ingestion. IDO3D pens and print shops use a light cure resin.