If you've mastered IDO3D Vertical, IDO3D GO is right for you! IDO3D GO is the latest IDO3D product line, that allows you to use America’s favorite 3D drawing pen to create your own moving 3D works of art.  As with any new art medium, there is a learning curve and everyone learns at a different pace. Don’t worry, you'll get better with practice!

Special Tips for GO!:

  1. Draw small pieces of your project and quickly passover it with your pen light to prevent the ink from dripping. 
  2. Some pieces are easiest to create if you draw and cure the outline first and then come back and fill in the piece. 
  3. Thick areas of ink may require curing from the top and bottom of the piece. 
  4. The most important step in getting your artwork to stick to the mechanism is making sure that the ink fully cures.
  5. When attaching your project pieces to the mechanism, start by applying a SMALL dot of ink, then FULLY harden with your IDO3D pen light
  6.  The more surface area that the ink covers, the better the bond. 
  7. Avoid getting ink into the joints and or pivot points of the mechanisms, as this will prevent your project from moving freely.